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When we are emotionally healthy, we can handle challenging phases of our life well. But what does 'being emotionally healthy' really mean? Emotional wellness can be broken down into;

  • Being aware of and accepting own emotions

  • Being able to cope with stress in a healthy way

  • Adjustment skills for changes in life

  • Developing own perspectives

  • Having a positive and optimistic attitude towards life 

With these abilities, we can find pleasant moments, even on bad days!

The skills to enrich emotional wellness can be improved in several ways. As a psychological professional, I help you to understand yourself more profoundly in a safe and friendly environment and assist you in the process of your emotional growth. 


Our mental health is linked to other factors in our lives. Health issues or living situation might have something to do with feeling down. Through the counselling, I try to understand you not only from the psychological perspective but also from various aspects of your life.

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